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BEB Hydropower System

BEB Hydropower Department uses low-cost and resource advantages in China, and it relies on the precise and religious German management and adopts German design and manufacture standards to provide high quality and efficient services. BEB Engineering & Design Center in Chengdu China: Complete engineering design for power and hydropower projects (inclusive of power generation by pumped storage of water, tidal power generation); hydraulic engineering design (reservoir hub project); hydraulic and hydropower survey. Most of the backbone technical personnel are devoted to works in their own major, and have accumulated rich experience after years of practices.

BEB manufacturing base produces different kinds of complete hydraulic turbine-generator sets, the hydraulic turbine-generator (Kaplan, Francis and Pelton) ranges from 2m to 400m, frequency 50-60 Hz, voltage from 400V to 13.8kV, capacity from 1MW to 80MW.

Story of Sucess: Roncador Hydropower Station in Peru for MAJA Energia


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