Biogas Technology

Proven technology for the treatment of various organic wastes - e.g. manure, organic residues from agriculture and food processing, breweries or kitchen wastes.


  • Generation of biogas - a renewable energy source

  • Production of a valuable liquid fertiliser

  • Hygienic treatment of organic wastes

  • Positive environmental effects (e.g. no uncontrolled methane emissions, avoidance of bad odours)

Story of Success

Immediately after BEB started its business activities, pre-planning and planning services was rendered in the planning phase of a biogas project for the treatment of organic wastes in Shanghai city, P. R. China.


The sale of two small bio-diesel plants to Taiwan was successfully carried out in the autumn of 2004. Follow-up orders seem realistic due to the present tense energy situation worldwide.


At the same period of time intensive efforts were taken to tender for an internationally published biogas project in Tanzania. After successful negotiation with United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO), a contract was signed in 2006 between BEB and the sponsor of the project, UNIDO. The construction of this project started in January 2007 and was successfully completed in May 2007. It is a first large-scale biogas project with treatment of sisal wastes in the world.


In January 2007 another contract between BEB and UNIDO was signed for a biogas project in Havana City, Cuba, to produce biogas and bio-fertilizer from municipal solid wastes. Since late autumn of the year 2004 the emphasis on our efforts has been shifted to the national biogas sector. We have been able to use our already existing contact to several agricultural enterprises and concentrated our marketing strategy toward these potential customers.

Schematic Diagram of a Biogas Plant