Waste Treatment

BEB Municipal Solid Waste Treatment System

BEB Municipal Solid Waste Treatment System uses innovative comprehensive treatment method to treat municpal solid waste. This system integrates menchanical and biological waste treatment plants, separetes and recycles usable objects, and uses innovative anaerobic fermentation technology (dry or wet fermentation process) to produce green energy-biogas. The produced biogas can be upgraded to CNG gas or natural gas. The residues after anaerobic fermentation will be made into organic compound fertilizer; anorganic substance will be made into rubish baking-free brick or be used for soil improvent and so on.

BEB Kitchen Waste Treatment System

BEB Kitchen Waste Treatment System adopts wet separation pretreatment and innovative anaerobic fermentation technology. Such system system is mainly composed of material measurement, oil separation system, wet pretreatment system, anaerobic fermentation, CHP (Combined Heat and Power), solid-liquid separation, oxygen controlled composting, wastewater treatment, biological deodorization and automatic control system etc.

  1. step: The seperated oil is used for biodiesel production;
  2. step: The remaining kitchen waste is used for biogas production

This system maximizes the effect of garbage reduction, hazard-free treatment and recycling. It conforms to the policy of sustainable development. The organic fertilizer comes out of it can reach the standard of agricultural fertilizer, in order to meet the demand of the green fertilizer market. The automatic control system can reduce the staff number and labor intensity. Enclosed operation avoids the overflow of offensive smell.


Operation of this system is stable and productive, while using aerobic composting greatly decreases the cost of money and energy, in the meantime improves the quality of produced fertilizer.


The clean energy it produced—biogas can be in line with environment protection requirement. The waste water in the treatment process can be recycled for the use of agriculture and landscaping field. This system has compact technological process, advanced technology, which can completely solve the problem of illegal cooking oil and safeguard food safety.

Flow Chart of Kitchen Waste Treatment System